Top Reasons Why Montreal Periodontists Use Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

There’s no good reason why you need to endure missing teeth, and a lot of reasons why you need to have those missing teeth replaced. Until recently, most dentists just installed a bridge or dentures to replace those teeth. Nowadays, the best Montreal periodontists may try to put in dental implants instead.

Dental implants involve putting in a titanium post into your jaw bone so they act as the root of your new teeth. That’s a marked improvement to dentures that are just placed on the gums or bridges and wired on your remaining teeth. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  1. They really look good. They look natural, and they’re permanent. So you don’t have to be embarrassed about the prospect of having to remove dentures during the night.
  2. Your speech is much better. Dentures don’t fit your mouth as well as dental implants do. They can slip in place which can cause you to slur or mumble your words when you speak. Dental implants allow you to converse naturally without having to worry about them moving around.
  3. It’s just much more comfortable. Removable dentures are just so uncomfortable to wear. They feel alien and can lead to mouth sores. It’s not uncommon for patients who wear dentures to fear using them because they’re just plain painful.

On the other hand, dental implants feel more natural. They’re not painful as they’re a part of you—the implant bonds with your jawbone. There isn’t any extra material rubbing against your gums and stuffing your mouth.

  1. Eating is easier. Eating is one of the most problematic activities with dentures. They can slide when you eat which stresses your gums and causes pain. You can’t bite too hard as your gums may not be able to take it. Some bits of food can get in between the dentures and the gums and they may feel strange. You can also only get about 20% of the force you used to get from your natural teeth.

With dental implants, there’s no sliding around or stressing the gums as the new tooth is secured by your jawbone. You don’t have to worry about food getting in between the dentures and your gums. You will also get about 85% of the original bite force you used to get from your natural teeth.

  1. Implants are durable. You need to replace your dentures every 5 to 10 years. Dental implants, on the other hand, will last for the duration of your lifetime with good care.
  2. You also improve your oral health. Dental implants don’t require reducing other teeth to support bridges. They also allow your gums to remain healthy unlike dentures, which keep the gums away from your saliva.

So, if you’re missing a tooth or several teeth, talk to your Montreal dentist to see if dental implants are for you. Simply put, they’re the best option out there!

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