Is Armodafinil better than Modafinil?

Both Armodafinil and Modafinil were approved by the FDA for treatment of the excessive daytime sleepiness. Both act as eugeroics and are said to be the wakefulness promoting agents. Provigil was approved way back in the late 90’s in order to help in treating narcolepsy.

Even though the said drug was very successful when it comes to treating narcolepsy, there are still lots of people who sought out the drugs as kind of performance enhancing agents, specifically as a nootropic.

Is armodafinil much better than modafinil? Well the studies show that the effective dosage of Nuvigil is approximately half of Provigil. On the other hand, it does not mean that the users can expect a significant difference as a result.

For those who want to buy armodafinil online, it is always advisable to know first what kind of drug is this. This is the follow up to the Modafinil from Cephanol. It has only been utilized since in the year 2007. This is actually an enantiomer of Modafinil saying that it has slightly modified chemical structure, which in the first place makes it more potent.


There are various effects that are associated with the two drugs. Aside from that, there are also effective dosages that one should know right before they buy armodafinil or modafinil. So, which is better among the two?

From the clinical standpoint, they are both utilized in order to treat the same clinical conditions. Moreover, they are both very effective. This is why those who are planning to buy armodafinil online can guarantee that they will be provided with highly satisfying results. It is true that the latter mainly requires a much smaller dosage, yet the effects of modafinil might still be preferred by some other people.

Asking whether armodafinil is much better the other mainly discounts the fact that different drugs also have different reactions for different individuals. It only means that potency is not the only factor that needs to be considered. What matters the most is the kind of experience one can receive when using either modafinil or armodafinil 150 mg.

The benefits of armodafinil generic are similar in lots of respect to those that are associated with Modafinil. Its wakefulness is very noticeable and is similar to the powerful dose of caffeine. But unlike caffeine, there is no any nervousness or jitter and it does not decrease nor increase the pulse rate or blood pressure.

This drug is also recognized to be safe and has almost zero addictive potential. Unlike other drugs, it does not actually disturb one’s existing sleep patterns. It simply means that even right after using this kind of supplement, one will not experience sudden drop off and would be able to go to sleep. One will also wake up at a regular hour.

Those who are in USA, Australia, and UK can now easily buy armodafinil online knowing that there are long lists of online stores that now offer this drug. So, as a consumer, it is your duty to find the most reliable provider in order to get all the benefits provided by this drug.

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